I have contributed in varying amount to several projects over the years. These are a few of the ones I'm most proud of.


Photo © Grant Kaye

The space whale

The Space Whale is a life-sized sculpture of a humpback whale and her calf, realized in steel and stained glass. The project was led by Matthew Schultz and Andy Tibbetts, with art contribution by Android Jones.

My main role in the Space Whale build was operating a CNC plasma table to cut the hundreds of triangles which sandwiched the stained glass. I also assisted in production of the stained glass panels, and welding.

It debuted at Burning Man 2016, where I was part of the build and tear down teams.


Embrace was a 72 ft wooden cathedral-like sculpture of two human figures. The project was led by Matthew Schultz, and it was built and later burned at Burning Man 2014.

My primary role in this project was the creation of a 7' high anatomical heart chandelier as a centerpiece of the Omega figure. The heart project was led by myself and Andy Tibbetts, with the support of a Portland, Orgeon-based fabrication team. 

For the main structure, I was a member of the on-playa build, fire support, and post-event cleanup crews.

Photo © NK Guy